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   Company currently has makino. Sen precision machine CNC machining center, WAIDA optical grinding, surface grinding machine, mitsubishi wire cutting machine, mitsubishi and SODICK mirror CNC spark machine, milling machine and NIKON tool microscope, NIKON projector. Altimeter, quadratic element and other advanced processing and testing equipment,  There are also technical personnel with years of experience in machining precision parts (Japan, Europe and the United States) .The company's equipment system is perfect and the technical force is strong. We can produce according to customer requirements and can be produced according to GB, JIS, AISI, ddin, etc. The precision of the product ruler can reach the accuracy of 0.001 mm, the surface roughness Ra0.025, the Angle of the clear Angle R0.03, the straight Angle and the coaxial degree 0.002, the true roundness 0.0015 mm.
    At the same time, the company pays great attention to the cultivation of talents and the perfection of management system while focusing on improving the technology level and expanding the production scale, We regularly hire Japanese experts with senior experience to guide the production of precision mold, parts,machine tools,high precision non-standard mold parts and machine spare parts.
    The company takes "quality is the survival of an enterprise" business philosophy for the purpose, to product quality excellence, mould materials used for Japanese datong, Hitachi, Sweden, Germany imported materials, etc. Stable material performance. Heat treatment is provided by raw material manufacturer directly or by professional heat treatment manufacturer designated by raw material manufacturer. Companies with stable professional technical team, high-quality service system, excellent management concept, providing customers with high precision, long service life, good toughness and wear resistance of high quality products.
     We insist on the quality of survival and the development of credibility. In the principle of cooperation, mutual assistance, mutual benefit and service , we are willing to cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life to create a better future for the mold industry.