Mechanical fixture parts
Product Categories:Mechanical fixture parts
product brand:Super Laser
product number:
Product Power:100W
Beam diameter:10mm

Corresponding power source produced by Super Laser is requested:

Power source specifications:
AC INPUT:    220V   1.2A
DC OUTPUT:   V1:24V 2.0A

                 V2:-24V 2.0A

1)  Reliably sealing, waterproof and dustproof

2)  Good reliability,good marking effect and compact design

3)  Full digital control, extremely low temperature drift and strong anti-interference capability

4)  High-speed, no resonance and low noise

Supply Voltage

±24 V ±10%3.0 A/axle

Spot Size

10 mm

Effective Scanning angle

±15°mechanical angle

Response Time for small stepwith 10mm lens:

≤0.5 ms

Location input signal proportional coefficient :

0.5 V/°

Location output signal proportional coefficient :

0.5 V/°

Analog signal range:

±5 V

Average working current:

3.0 A(Max.)

Peak current:

20 A(Max.)



Gain Drift:

75 PPM/

Repeat Positioning Accuracy:

8 uRad

Time Driftover 8 hours of work:

0.8 mRad

Working Temp:


Weight(without lens):

2.1 Kg

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